From humble beginnings to an exciting future

We began as a small team curious about changes in bariatric surgery. But we quickly realised that the issues were far more complex than surgery waitlists.

Our team discovered there was a huge gap in understanding and service delivery in early intervention and management to support people who were already living with overweight and obesity in WA. To be successful, we knew we needed a shared strategy to guide action, and we needed partners to make it work.

Out of this grew a collaborative partnership between WA Health, WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA), and the Health Consumers’ Council (HCC). This partnership led the development of WA’s first WA Healthy Weight Action Plan 2019-2024. We brought together over a thousand voices from people with lived experience, health professionals, professional bodies, universities, and health system policy makers. Together we identified seven strategies to focus our collective efforts.

Journey of the WA Healthy Weight action plan to the WELL Collaborative from 2018 to 2021

The creation of The WELL Collaborative is action 1.1 from the WA Healthy Weight Action Plan. It marks the end of the second year of implementation of this ground-breaking plan.

We understand that changing the way we see, talk, and deal with overweight and obesity is a social responsibility that goes beyond the health system. So that’s why The WELL Collaborative exists. To grow our membership of change agents and link together the people, ideas, skills, and knowledge from across WA. Because our vision is of a community that supports maintaining a healthy life.

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