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  • The Consumers Insights Series was developed by Health Consumers’ Council in consultation with WA consumers, carers and community members with lived experience of overweight and obesity.

    I am a proud Ngarigo woman, a mother and a grandmother and I live with obesity and have most of my life.

    I have spent my entire life living with obesity. My. Entire. Life.

    I worked very hard to lose weight, through daily exercise, various diets. I did have some success, unfortunately, not for long.

    For all of my life I have carried more weight than I would like.

    I’ve had a weight problem for much of my life since I was about 8 or 9 years old. I was placed on diets repeatedly and I repeatedly failed.

    When I stopped nursing, and when I got to peri-menopause, that’s when I started to put on weight. 

    I’ve tried everything all kinds of diets, gone to all kinds of gyms.