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  • Dietitians Australia maintains a directory of Accredited Practising Dietitians (APD).

    The Global Obesity Observatory to provide data on obesity from around the world.

    The World Obesity Federation is the only global organisation focused exclusively on obesity.

    Interactive activities and games to teach the children about healthy eating and physical activity

    Obesity Canada is Canada’s leading obesity registered charity association for Health professionals; Researchers, trainees and students; Policy makers; and Canadians living with obesity.

    A joint initiative of WA Health, WA Primary Health Alliance, and Health Consumers’ Council.

    A program developed in Western Australia which aims to encourage Australian adults to lead healthier lifestyles.

    Are you interested in learning how food can be used as medicine?

    A national group of people whose lives are affected by overweight or obesity, who along with families, friends and those who care, are committed to breaking weight stigma. 

    Find webinars, training, seminars, and other events related to eating disorders that are relevant to you.