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  • These 10 critical building blocks support the effective implementation of a systems approach to tackling overweight and obesity.

    Guidelines to help Australians understand how much activity they need.

    The Global Obesity Observatory to provide data on obesity from around the world.

    The World Obesity Federation is the only global organisation focused exclusively on obesity.

    Evidence based recommendations on the types and amounts of foods Australians should eat to meet nutritional requirements.

    Aims to improve the number and capability of general practices engaging in weight management quality improvement activities.

    Obesity Canada is Canada’s leading obesity registered charity association for Health professionals; Researchers, trainees and students; Policy makers; and Canadians living with obesity.

    WA Health is working with Curtin University and countless stakeholders to develop a Quality Criteria Framework.

    This group brings together WA Health staff, health professionals, and non-government organisations.

    Learn about the role of nutrition communication in the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.