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These insights were developed by Health Consumers’ Council in consultation with WA consumers, carers and community members with lived experience of overweight and obesity.

Since 2018, Health Consumers’ Council (HCC) has been consulting and partnering with consumers through the development and implementation of the WA Healthy Weight Action Plan. As a key partner in The WELL Collaborative, they have built a bank of resources about consumer insights into their experiences of weight to help guide ongoing work.

The Consumer Insights series has been developed to provide people working in this area with information about how people with lived experience see the issues. The resources are not exhaustive and are meant to provide a starting point to help people think about the issues differently and open up opportunities to work in partnership with people with lived experience.

Partnering with consumers when planning, developing, delivering and evaluating health services is necessary to ensure the best possible outcomes for all involved. As has been well documented, the benefits of increased participation from consumers, carers, community and family members enables a greater sense of ownership over services, health options, and decision making. Overweight, obesity and health is of great interest to people, as evidenced by the responses to HCC’s engagement activities. However, people’s responses, experiences and needs on this topic are diverse, and are often particular to them. The key takeaway from this project for everyone involved, has been not to make assumptions about needs or preferences.

Find out more about what people living in larger bodies have to say about their experiences:

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“My experience with the health system, I believe that the health system sees all overweight people as people who over eat and don’t exercise, they do not see you as an individual and look at your case in depth and take on board all your conditions/issues.”