We believe that every person navigating their health journey deserves to be heard

Finding the right support for you or your family

We believe that every person navigating overweight and obesity deserves to be heard. And should be equipped with both the science and understanding they need to make their way.

That’s why we’ve created a space where you can find information to help you on your health journey. We also create space and provide support for people impacted by overweight and obesity who want to have an active role working with organisations to improve our health and social systems.

Evidence about what works for weight management or weight loss is continually emerging, so it’s good to find a healthcare professional that has a special interest in the topic, and keeps up to date with the evidence. Being able to talk to your health professional about everything that might be impacting on your health is important – so finding someone that you trust is important.

It might be a GP, Nurse Practitioner, dietitian or another health professional. If you don’t find them right away, keep looking.

What we’ve heard is that what’s important is the relationship with the professional, more so than which clinical profession they belong to. The key is that they are able to listen to you, and work with you to find the right care and treatment for YOU in YOUR circumstances. That may take a bit of trial and error as some things will work better for some people than for other people. It doesn’t mean that treatment doesn’t work – just that it might not be right for you.

Below are some resources that might help you on your journey.

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“Overweight people are human with many complexities in their lives just like everyone else and deserve to be treated as such and not to be made to feel ashamed, outcast or an object of ridicule and blame.”

Anonymous, 2021

Find resources for you

Science of weight loss
The Science of Weight Loss: Dispelling Diet Myths is developed and delivered by the University of Newcastle as a free online course.
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LiveLighter® tools and resources
LiveLighter® provide a range of tools and resources to help people take the time to stop and think about their diet and physical activity patterns and make changes if they need to. 
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Food as Medicine
If you want to understand the power of nutrition, this self-guided 3-week course will teach you about the role of food in improving health.
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National Eating Disorders Collaboration resources
The NEDC has a range of resources and fact sheets for people and families impacted by eating disorders.
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InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders Events calendar
Find links to a variety of events across Australia for health professionals, carers, and people impacted by eating disorders.
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Event calendar: National Eating Disorders Collaboration
Whether you’re a parent, carer, someone diagnosed with an eating disorder, or a health professional you can find webinars, training, seminars, and other events related to eating disorders that are relevant to you.
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Health Consumers’ Council
HCC is the peak body for consumers in WA and a critical partner of The WELL Collaborative.
Weight Issues Network
The Weight Issues Network (WIN) is a national group of people whose lives are affected by overweight or obesity, who along with families, friends and those who care, are committed to breaking weight stigma. 
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Full list of Resources
Find our full list of resources, programs and services, and information related to overweight and obesity.
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Programs and services

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