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  • These 10 critical building blocks support the effective implementation of a systems approach to tackling overweight and obesity.

    The World Obesity Federation is the only global organisation focused exclusively on obesity.

    Obesity Canada is Canada’s leading obesity registered charity association for Health professionals; Researchers, trainees and students; Policy makers; and Canadians living with obesity.

    WA Health is working with Curtin University and countless stakeholders to develop a Quality Criteria Framework.

    Collaborative governance is the way groups organise themselves to achieve their goal.

    A joint initiative of WA Health, WA Primary Health Alliance, and Health Consumers’ Council.

    The report details the personal cost of obesity and the challenges facing people living in larger bodies that need to be address by sustainable, consistent, collaborative effort.

    The Obesity Policy Coalition identifies, analyses and advocates for evidence-informed policy and regulatory initiatives to improve diets and address obesity in Australia, particularly among children. 

    Eight clear, practical, and evidence-based actions to reduce overweight and obesity in Australia.

    Australian Government Senate Select Committee into obesity in Australia.