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WIN provide a strong voice and support for people living with and affected by obesity.

The Weight Issues Network (WIN) have developed a critical report of the personal cost of obesity and the challenges facing people living in larger bodies that need to be address by sustainable, consistent, collaborative effort.

The report outlines what WIN think are the important perspectives of people with lived experience of obesity; and what they believe can be done about it together with like minded people and organisations. To ensure the affected voices are central to the report, WIN conducted workshops; reached out for input from their members, and consulted with patient groups of Obesity Services across the county.

With this report WIN want to help raise awareness. They want people to understand that excess weight and obesity are not simple lifestyle choices. WIN want to share their understanding of what it is like to live with excess weight, specifically the challenges around stigma and navigating the health system and our environments. Obesity affects a lot of people in our community. As a community, we need to do better. We need to understand this challenge with greater empathy, understanding and support.

The report covers three recommendations:

  1. Weight stigma needs to stop
  2. Improve clarity and reduce barriers to better health
  3. We need more supportive environments in society

“The personal cost of obesity can’t keep hiding in the shadows.”