We are the Weight Education and Lifestyle Leadership Collaborative

Who we are

The WELL Collaborative empowers people navigating overweight and obesity to make progress on their terms. We provide a space for people in Western Australia to connect with each other and with the information they need relating to overweight and obesity – whether you’re a clinician, a health consumer, or someone else with an interest in the topic.

We endeavour to:

  • teach, without being directive
  • provide support and acknowledge people’s strength and agency, without being patronising or condescending
  • leverage the science not the fads, without disregarding the uniqueness of every body
About us

“We need to stop separating physical and mental health. They are tied together and until we treat them simultaneously then we will not achieve the reductions in obesity that many people need and want”

Anonymous, 2018

How we can help

The WELL Collaborative is a space for people in Western Australia to come together to learn more about overweight and obesity, and collaborate on collective solutions to the complex issues our State and community face. We support practitioners and people living in larger bodies to access the resources, education and training, and programs and services that will help them on their journey.
Resources and education opportunities for people working in the overweight and obesity space, including healthcare professionals, community service staff, and policy makers.
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Resources, education opportunities, and programs and services to support you on your health and wellbeing journey.
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Resources Directory
List of resources, education opportunities, and programs and services related to overweight and obesity.
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Join the movement now!

Sign up to get the latest information on The WELL Collaborative. We’ll also reach out to connect with you to help us make changes in how we deal with the subject of overweight and obesity across WA.

There are so many benefits of joining the movement! By joining the WELL Collaborative, you have opportunities to:

  • Collaborate with other sharing the same vision
  • Share and have access to knowledge and information about strategies that work and barriers to progress
  • Reduce duplication by building a comprehensive picture of who is doing what
  • Amplify your voice and building a shared collaboration
  • Build and use data for decision making
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