Creating space for dialogue for change

We define “practitioner” as being any person who has a professional interest in the area of overweight and obesity. Whether you’re a health professional, clinical planner, teacher, policy writer, or any one else who is looking at this topic in a professional capacity – these resources are for you.

We know that talking about weight is hard, for health professionals and for the people they see. It is also hard for policy staff trying to make change in the health system, and for the general community. Because at times the social and environmental issues that cause overweight and obesity can seem insurmountable.

But with every small action we create change.

  • Every health professional who wants to learn about having non-stigmatising conversations with the people they treat makes them feel heard. 
  • Policy makers who want to learn to work with other partners in the space improve collaboration. 
  • Teachers who want to make a difference with their students can change the next generation. 
  • Each person with lived experience who wants to tell their story can spark action.

And when we come together and collaborate, we can find new ways to address old problems that we couldn’t find alone.

SHAPE has launched

A new online resource hub, SHAPE (Supporting holistic and person-centred weight education) has launched, supporting health professionals to play a more central role in helping people to manage their weight and improve health and wellbeing outcomes.

SHAPE is a centralised website of tools, resources, and education, designed to support a better understanding of the complexity of factors influencing body shape and size, and how to engage patients and guide them on their journey. Through this we can drive long-term change.

Visit the SHAPE Website

“I haven’t really accessed the health system for my weight. I’ve mentioned my weight to my GP on various occasions and have received a cursory reply as I think there is a sense of them being as helpless as the patient.”

Anonymous, 2018

Understanding the space

A space for all voices
We’re passionate about providing a space for everyone to be heard. We all have a valuable contribution to make, especially people living in larger bodies.
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What is weight stigma?
Find out what weight stigma is, what it looks like, and how we can work to change the way we talk about weight.
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Consumer insights
These insights were developed by Health Consumers’ Council in consultation with WA consumers, carers and community members with lived experience of overweight and obesity.
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Obesity Collective Activity Map
The Obesity Activity Map by the Obesity Collective is an online database to identify and map current projects, programs, policies, strategies, research, services, etc. related to obesity, healthy eating, physical activity and medical care.
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Connect, Share, Collaborate
Connect, Share, Collaborate is a group of passionate people who are working to change the way we talk about and manage weight. Join our monthly conversations today.
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Obesity intelligence reports
Receive the links to the latest international research on overweight and obesity straight to your inbox.
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Full list of resources
Whether you’re a health professional, policy maker, or a professional in the health and social sector, the resources we’ve pulled together are designed for everyone to be able to participate in a helpful dialogue with consumers and the community.
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Education and training

Key Government Documents

Join the movement

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