Man having his feet checked by a female health care professional
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Status: In progress

WA Health is working with Curtin University and countless stakeholders to develop a Quality Criteria Framework. The aim of this framework is to provide clear guideline on critical quality areas and measurement indicators to support the commissioning and evaluation of services aimed at early intervention and management for people at risk of or impacted by overweight and obesity.

Implementation of the quality criteria will give people confidence that:

  • the programs and services they use are supported by evidence,
  • they have a track record of being effective in improving health and wellbeing over the long term,
  • the staff are committed to ongoing quality service improvement, and
  • consumer voices are included in the development and delivery of a service or program.

Work is currently underway to finalise the quality criteria and supporting indicators that will be used to measure success. These will be developed into an easy to understand user guide and series of tools to support WA Health and service providers to implement.