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The RACP Obesity Working Party has developed a position statement on action to prevent obesity and reduce its impact across the life course.

Physicians and paediatricians see patients and families every day who are struggling with obesity and related health conditions. They understand that these conditions are influenced by unhealthy diets and low physical activity driven by the obesogenic environment we live in.

The RACP NZ Committee and Policy and Advocacy Council recognise the health burden created by obesity and the need for physicians and paediatricians to advocate for societal and systemic changes which will reduce the prevalence and impact of obesity. These College bodies established the Obesity Working Party, chaired by Professor Boyd Swinburn FRACP to develop a College position. The Working Party was comprised of RACP members based in NZ and Australia with clinical and academic expertise in obesity management treatment and public health, and supported by a robust and critical review of the existing evidence base.