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This story is a summary of a collection of voices from many people who chose to remain anonymous. The images used in relation to this story do not depict the people involved in the story.

I’ve tried everything all kinds of diets, gone to all kinds of gyms. I’ve seen physicians that prescribed me pills of hope that are unattainable with an inflated price tag. I guess I’m looking for the wonder drug, some miraculous cure that will shed all the excess fat and mean spirited attraction to my body. 

I’m concerned about my health, my family and the repercussion of lack of Health Care to those that are Fat.

The only thing left to do is surgery and I simply do not have the money to make this happen. My medical coverage doesn’t cover anything for overweight people.

Sometimes, late at night, Infomercials come on TV, they talk about losing weight, with false promises from Actors making a prose [sic], of stories of unknown or non-existent people leaving out the struggle of a real life change on the path of weight lost. They show all those before and after pictures. “I lost 7 kg or 20kg.” How real are these? Not just the weight lost but what was the monumental environmental change and support that is needed to succeed.

I’ve read dozens of books, magazines, and searched the internet. I just don’t know what else to do. I’ve become lost, caught up in a Society that Vocalises my weight by screaming at me the guilt and blame of my own failure.
Heads turn when I walk into a room, for the wrong reasons. The only attention I attract is disdain and loathing. I want to live again and be a part of society and I should not have to wait until I have lost weight to enjoy this life, a shift in mindfulness and community acceptance would go a long way in healing many. Supporting those making changes, which can take years to see, and a lifetime of commitment and the never ending internal struggle with an addiction that is determined by both Environmental and generated in our Gene Sequence at conception.

I used to feel a part of this world, now I am isolated, shamed, and blamed, however the worst is not being prevented from living, it is the unsolicited belligerence culture of GP’s, Specialist and Medical staff dished out, with ignorance, and lack of understanding. Many suggested treatments that condemns the individual to failure and reinforces self-medication (food) and depression due to no support. I believe this is so Medical Staff can distance their responsibility and accountability. Health Departments investing in treating people with poor and outdated concepts, and a lack of collaboration of services that we all know don’t exist. There is no real attempt to prevent and assist those inflected with diagnosed weight disorders and conditions it is simply a posturing display with no substance and damaging ramifications.

The stares of strangers filled with pity and repulsion, magnified by Doctors’ failure to grasp how it would only take just a little support and understanding with encouraging medical intervention to help so many like myself. What is difficult is making Health Departments deliver lifelong supports, not a ten week funded contract and see the long term value in such services for the Community in a whole and future generations.