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Understand the relationship between food and genetics and learn how to apply your learning to help patients.

How does our genome affect our health? Should patients adjust their diets according to their genes? Answer these questions and more with this course designed to give healthcare professionals the latest information on food and genetics.

On the course you’ll explore topics including epigenetics and nutrigenetics, the human genome and the ethical issues surrounding genetic healthcare. You should leave the course with a greater understanding out the impact of genetics on nutritional requirements, and you should feel more confident in answering common nutrition and gene related questions.

This course has been designed for healthcare professionals, specifically medical specialists, general practitioners and nurses. However, the course may be of benefit to healthcare professionals such as dietitians and nutritionists with a background in nutrition, who may like a ‘refresher’ in this area of study.

This course is part of a program of five courses from Monash University:

  • Food as medicine: Food, exercise and the gut
  • Food as medicine: Talking about weight
  • Food as medicine: Fertility and pregnancy
  • Food as medicine: Food and our genome
  • Food as medicine: Food and inflammation